The Mark Maidman Co., Inc.    


The Mark Maidman Co. is a manufacture's representative serving the needs of semiconductor, data storage, solar, lighting, power, research, and other markets.

Specializing and expertise in vacuum processes, plasma deposition, etch processes, thin film metrology and measurement, chemical analysis, and mass spectrometry.

In addition to sales and marketing services, The Mark Maidman Co. designs and fabricates custom vacuum systems, systems for thin film related processes, and systems for mass spectrometry.

Products offered:

-  Ferrofluidic Vacuum Rotary Seals
MODION® Zero Footprint Modular ION Pumps
-  Plasma Etch and Deposition Systems
-  RGA Gas Analysys Systems
-  Vacuum Electrical Feedthroughs
-  Vacuum Valves and Vacuum Hardware
-  XRF Thin Film Measurement Systems

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